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As published in Bali and Beyond
January 2016

Discover how to stay fit in the capital city without being a member of any gym…
(Left to right) Aerial hoop, aerial silks and calisthenics workout
The idea of a “workout” is usually associated with going to the gym – once you set your goal, you will find yourself become a regular member in a fitness center. But getting in shape requires dedication and commitment, and after a couple of months exercising in the gym, boredom may hit you. After all, crowded and expensive gyms are not exactly for everyone.
Sound familiar? Well, don’t worry as there are multiple ways to get in shape in the fitness world and Jakarta offers a variety of workout activities that don’t require having to go to the gym. You may want to try one of these extraordinary workouts and see if it is suitable for you.

Aerial Art
If your dream of joining a circus didn’t come true, you can still train to be like one with aerial silks and hoops that you may have already seen used by circus acrobats.

Aerial silks and hoops are gravity-defying gymnastics made famous by the theatrical Cirque du Soleil. It is an artistic form of aerobics performed using two strips of fabric hung on a 7-meter-high point, and it combines techniques such as wrapping, climbing, contorting, swinging and hanging, as well as accomplishing inversions and splits while suspended in the air. In Jakarta, you can experience aerial silks at Power Swing Studio.

Meanwhile, the aerial hoop utilizes a circular steel (or aluminum) suspended apparatus like a hula hoop, and gives you the opportunity to execute dynamic tricks, swings and spins. You can try this at Balance Studio in Kemang, which provides classes for all levels.

This type of dance that requires strength, flexibility, control, and balance, aerial silks and hoops can be physically demanding, which is perfect to get you in shape – although you may need a lot of time and training to master the tricks.

Power Swing
Combining anti-gravity yoga, gymnastics and Pilates as well as using a multifunctional suspension device, the Power Swing quickly becomes an alternative workout amongst fitness enthusiasts. Simone Kusuma, owner of PowerSwing Studio in South Jakarta, explained that this exercise is a comprehensive strength and core training, flexibility and inversion program.

Unlike lifting weights that only work on specific muscle groups, Power Swing drills your whole body as in functional training, allowing you to maximize your performance as well as to lift and move your body optimally. Trust me, when you accomplish the upside down and stretch position, you’ll be surprised to see what you can do.

In a Power Swing session you will find it easier to move through a range of motions while being physically suspended. Your joints and bones are stretched slowly and will become more flexible during the inversions supported by the swing. Not only energetic, fun and effective, the Power Swing is also amazing at overcoming health problems such as heart conditions, glaucoma and high blood pressure.

Barre Workout
So you wish to have a lean figure like a ballerina? If so, the barre workout is the best option for you. This latest fitness craze combines Pilates, dance, ballet and yoga moves to achieve lean muscles, giving you a long straight physique – without the injuries that dancers usually endure. This exercise also good for losing weight, increasing flexibility, and reducing stress.

Several devices are used during the workout such as ballet barre, balls, light weights, TRX swings, elastic rubber bands, yoga straps and hammocks. The barre supports your balance as you do exercises that focus on isometric strength training as well as holds your body while you work on a specific set of muscles.

An hour of barre class will train your whole body and muscles from the upper, core, and down to the lower. Small movements are barre’s main focus as they control the muscle formation and reduce the burden on joints, ligaments, tendons and spine. The movements are performed with light weights and lots of repetitions and pulses to train the muscles.
Barre classes are varied from cardio, basic to fly barre – you can opt for the one that meets your fitness level and goals. Why don’t you join a class at Balance Studio or SOULBOX?
PowerSwing and wall climbing

Wall Climbing

Keep your balance, place your feet carefully and firmly push yourself up, and avoid falling down – this is why rock climbing is quite challenging for beginners. This sport may look tough, but completing a climb is surely worth the struggle. Besides, there’s nothing you should be afraid of. Both intimidating and exciting, wall climbing is now not just an extreme sport for adrenaline junkies – anyone at any age can give it a try.

Jakarta Climbers, a climbing class in Jakarta that was established in 2007, has made climbing a part of the urban lifestyle. Founded by Panji Susanto, a professional climber with many prestigious championships nationally and internationally, Jakarta Climbers provides wall-climbing classes not only for adults but also for children, to hone their motor skills. Especially for their members, Jakarta Climbers regularly arranges rock-climbing trips to a nearby rocky mountain for a real adrenaline pump.

Climbing provides a great deal of benefit for both mental and physical health, as it not only helps strengthen your core muscles and improves your body endurance and cardiovascular system, but is proven to help overcome mental blocks as it increases problem solving and planning abilities, and improves your confidence, communication and listening skills.

Street Workout

In case you haven’t noticed, there are many “underground” communities forming free workout alternatives also known as ‘street workouts,’ which are inspired by a rapidly growing international sport called calisthenics. It is a sport consisting of athletes competing against each other by showing their body-weight strength and body-control in staged routines to impress a panel of judges.

Calisthenics, derived from the ancient Greek “callos” for beauty and“sthénos” for strength, is actually one of the oldest workout methods, used by legendary warriors to increase their strength. To date, calisthenics are still religiously practiced in gymnastics, the army and many other areas.

Indobarian Calisthenics Street Workout, founded by Verdy Bhawanta, has gained popularity as one of the street workout communities in Jakarta that is known for its training of mind, body and spirit. The Indobarian method merges a wide range of different movements from calisthenics, freeletics, parkour, yoga, capoeira and even martial arts.
Another option is the Workout Embassy (WE), a street workout community formed by Adhitya Lesmana in 2014 that provides a solution for anyone who wants to stay fit in the city without spending too much money. WE is not just about working out as they also have social programs like picking up garbage along the street during Jakarta’s Car Free Day.

Street workouts can be adjusted to suit your level of fitness – meditation and clean eating are also encouraged for a better result. Interested? You can find street workout communities in Gelora Bung Karno in Senayan. Expect to see several groups exercising together – they are not hard to identify as they usually hang out by the bars nearby Gate VI in the main stadium area, doing pull-ups.

So, don’t hesitate to come over and start training with them. Fun and affordable activities for a healthy body and mind are just around the corner!

Power Swing Studio of Mind & Body
Jalan Gunawarman No.67, 2nd floor, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
(021) 7264766

Balance Studio
The Broadway Kemang
Jalan Benda Raya 46F Unit C, Jakarta
(021) 78820016

Level 3, Fairgrounds, Lot 14 SCBD, Jakarta
(021) 5140 0030

Jakarta Climbers
GOR Soemantri Brodjonegoro, Plaza
Festival, Kuningan Jakarta

Peak To Peak Indoor Climbing
Jalan Raya Serpong, Ruko Sutera
Niaga 1 no.18, Serpong, Banten, Tangerang

Indobarian Calisthenics Street Workout
Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex, Main stadium Gate 6
Jalan Pintu Satu Senayan, Jakarta

Workout Embassy
Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex, Main stadium Gate 6
Jalan Pintu Satu Senayan, Jakarta

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